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Aerial map of topography for a government projectAerial Mapping for Government Agencies

Today’s intelligent maps combine the ability to view, measure and analyze data that is tied to geographic features for a host of important applications. Surdex develops geospatial data for federal, state and local governments to use for these applications, enabling them to manage their jurisdictions:

  • Tax assessment
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Resource management
  • Roadway planning and development
  • Environmental studies
  • Disaster response planning

Products typically include natural color and color infrared digital orthoimagery, lidar/elevation data collection, topographic mapping, and planimetric feature extraction.

Download and read helpful information about planning your mapping projects:


Aerial map of farmlands

Aerial map of USDA National Agriculture Imagery Program One Program:
6.9 Million Square Miles Over 16 Years

Surdex is one of the largest digital mapping firms in the nation. We are one of a handful of aerial mapping companies in the nation continuously working on the USDA National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP). The program began in 2003 using film capture at 1-meter or 2-meter resolution over full or partial states, and by 2014 it had evolved to complete digital imagery acquisition at 1-meter or better resolution in 4-band format under absolute accuracy standards, with web hosting of preliminary and final orthoimagery.

Since the program began in 2003, Surdex has been responsible for:

  • Over one-quarter of the entire program’s orthoimagery
  • Over 4,700,000 DOQQs
  • 6,900,000 square miles
  • 96 state projects
  • A net coverage of 32 states

We manage programs as large as the NAIP, entire states including the State of Texas, multi-county projects, single counties and even municipalities. Each client receives our full attention and efforts on delivering a quality product in the timeframe you require.


Aerial map of river for a government project


Surdex has a long history of providing photogrammetric services to federal agencies including:

  • USDA National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP)
  • USACE (numerous districts)
  • USGS GPSC III (and other projects)
  • BLM
  • NGA

We have several federal contract mechanisms in place including the USACE, GPSC III, NAIP, and GSA.

See our list of current/open federal contracts.

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