LiDAR of 13 Missouri Counties

  • LiDAR image of river going through mountains
  • LiDAR image of lake / dam, Nodaway
  • LiDAR image
  • LiDAR image, Atchison
  • LiDAR image, Atchison
  • LiDAR image, Atchison

Project Details

Acquisition of 1.0 meter LiDAR data of 5,692 square miles of thirteen Missouri counties including: Howard, Cooper, Montgomery, Livingston, Randolph, Monroe, Audrain, Ray, Lincoln, Macon, Adair, Sullivan, and Putnam Counties.

  • Aerial LiDAR acquisition at 1:150,000 with an average laser ground sample distance (GSD) of 1.0 meter pixels
  • Survey of a minimum of 30 points for every 500 square miles
  • Produce hydro-flattened breaklines for larger ponds, lakes and rivers
  • Breakline enforced bare-earth 1.0 meter Digital Terrain Model