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Surdex 3D mapping technician

3D Mapping Part Two – Compilation and Finishing


The Compilation team is responsible for collecting planimetric data and generating topographic data from either stereo imagery (3D collection) or the final orthos (2D collection – planimetric features only). Technicians step through the entire project area capturing new features, updating existing features and retiring features no longer visible in the photography. The Compilation team consists of two Compilation Analysts and a Compilation Technician.

Compilation Analyst Dave Cakalic says his favorite 3D mapping task is “Starting 3D collection on a brand new area…and seeing it progress to a finished map.” Because “to see an area go from literally a blank screen to an identifiable map product, and know that I produced that, I get to feel a sense of accomplishment.”


The Finishing group’s role is to conduct QA/QC (quality assurance and quality control) checks on all lidar and mapping projects. The Finishing team is headed by the GIS Product Leader Will Snyder, who has been with Surdex for 13 years, and includes a GIS Technician.

GIS technician Troy Rogers says his favorite 3D mapping task is “DEM Creation, because this builds a 3D surface from the lidar points and hydro that have been processed. It is satisfying to see the finished product that is a result of our work.”