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Junior System Administrator Steve Clement

IT Staff: Continuously Improving Efficiency

The R&D and IT staff ensure that every employee has the appropriate hardware and software to conduct their work and that they are working properly. They develop software, including refining processing tools to improve productivity and efficiency. R&D developed our in-house Group Tool software suite and created our SurCheckSM client QC web service.

Our IT staff prepares custom workstations to meet the needs of each of the other departments at Surdex. They also make sure our network connections and computer drives are in working order. During the COVID-19 outbreak, our staff migrated 98% of staff to remote workstations without any notable disruption in productivity or service! Steve Clement, Junior System Administrator from IT (pictured) says, “Being able to support the amazing group of people that we work with brings pride every day.”

Our IT department continuously develops and refines software to improve our productivity and efficiency, delivering a superior product at improved schedules for our clients. Dan Brecht, Senior Software Engineer, states, “I am proud of all of the automation we have done in general, but I am especially proud of our distributed processing software (Hydra).  It allows terabytes of data to be easily queued and processed every day.”

Our Director of R&D, Scott Merritt, has been with Surdex for 27 years and manages our 5 R&D and IT staff members.