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Tim Bohn, VP Sales at Surdex

Department Focus: Business Development

Surdex’s business development group is integral to determining our clients’ needs, providing reliable advice, and serving as a continuous conduit of information during a project’s lifespan. Serving clients for years, they develop a solid understanding of what our clients value and need. At the end of many of our projects they often participate in post-project evaluations to ascertain how well we served their needs with an eye on improving. The department is headed by John Boeding, Certified Photogrammetrist, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing, with a team of six sales people.

During the outbreak, there has been a marked difference in how people conduct business. Tim Bohn, VP of Business Development, said: “I first check on their wellbeing. I want to know they are doing okay and listen to their unedited responses – whether it’s one of frustration or they are trying to make the most of a bad situation.”

Ed Turner, VP of Business Development, said, “normal communication has changed and become more personal, talking about family, how you are coping, summer plans, the positive/negative of working from home.”

When asked about conferences, the sales group agrees that networking activities are their favorite part of conferences. They also agree that the Surdex bags are a great swag item.

Tim Donze, VP of Business Development, says his favorite part of his role is “when a client or prospective client makes a comment that indicates they trust you and you are more than just a sales person to them. Gaining someone’s trust and friendship in the business world is an accomplishment and an honor.”

Above, Tim Bohn working remotely. He’s a big Cubs fan… oh wait, I mean Cardinals.