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Department Focus: Survey and Triangulation

Our Survey and Triangulation staff are part of the Orthoimagery department. They enable us to orient digital geospatial data to known coordinates on the Earth, which is essential to producing geospatially accurate products.

The Survey team places ground control points in the field to provide a connection between the ground coordinate system and the coordinate system of our imagery. They collect several precise control and check point measurements as needed across a project area. After the data is acquired, Ortho and 3D mapping staff verify that control points in our data match field measurements from the Survey team.

The Triangulation staff check the spatial accuracy of our imagery.  This group ties the ground survey and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data from the flight together to tie the imagery to its proper position in ground space.  They then hand off the block of imagery to either Ortho to refine the imagery and/or to Compilation to extract the desired data.